Salacak Competition

Salacak coast, which is a special and unique part of Istanbul's urban landscape, is an important transportation, service, and recreation center of the Anatolian side together with the focal points in its immediate vicinity.

The competition area is the area that includes the cliffs in the background along the coast, the green areas on the surfaces of these cliffs, and the overhead connection roads on the coastal part extending to Üsküdar Square, including the Harem Bus Station. In addition, pedestrian paths on the cliff parallel to the shore are also included in the competition area, except for the gardens of the residences on the embankment.

Project Team

Dr. Ayça Yeşim ÇAĞLAYAN, Landscape Architect, Team Lead
Dr. Veli İLKE, Urban Planner
Berna ERGİN, Landscape Architect
Barış KAPTANOĞLU, Architect

Sezin KANOĞLU, Landscape Architect
Çağrı ACAR, Student
Ahmet Furkan KAYA, Landscape Architect
Zeynep ERDOĞAN, Student
Elif DUMAN, Student
Berivan PÜTÜN, Student
Yeşim ÇETİNKAYA, Student
Hilal BAKIRCI, Student
Seren ESEN, Student
Buse ŞAHİN, Student
Eda YAŞA, Student
Satuk SARI, Student
Özge Nur KARIKSIZ, Student

Prof. Dr. Melek İŞİNİBLİR OKYAR, Aquatic Science Specialist

Throughout the competition process, helped with updating and detailing the design and minor visualizations. In the final state, contributed to the project team with visualization of 1:500 detailed plan.